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Birthdate:Oct 22
Location:Washington, United States of America
Yeah, so. I'm Eleri. Mighty Lap Huntress, Priestess, Non-Monogamist, Mom, Wife, Sister, Lover, Friend. Oh, and Freelance Graphic Artist

I am a vigilante lover. I love because it is the right thing to do. I love every time I have the opportunity. I love by any means necessary. I love fast and hard. I love long and short. I love many not because I can, but because I must, or else I am not really loving.

Cast of Weirdos Characters

vaxjedi: My hubby
Miri Mousie My youngest kidlet
Tiffer: My oldest offspring
Pookie: the kid in the middle
An assortment of sweeties and loves

My Dating Status Button says: Polyamorous, Bisexual, Involved/Available
PolyamorousInterested in multiple serious relationships.
BisexualInterested in both male and female.
Involved/AvailableCurrently in a relationship, and potentially interested in more.
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'ozholakem, 5-minute-refresh, abney park, art trading cards, beltane, birth, bisexuality, bpal, callahans, candy corn, casual photography, catherding, cats, cheapass games, cheeble, city of heroes, cooking, crafting, cyan worlds, d'mala, d'ni, deep conversation at 3am, dip pens, discordianism, divination, equally large boa, exile, fabric art, fantasy, gasslamp fantasy, girl genius, guild wars, harry potter, i ♥ >1, internet radio, joe satriani, labyrinths, lakem, lemurs in the rain, lucy, magick, mc frontalot, mc lars, miscellania, mother friendly childbirth initiative, myst, neuro-linguistic programming, next best thing, optimus rhyme, paganism, pandaxpress, paranomasia, perplex city, photoshop finger painting, polyamory, potato chip addiction, pretentious unlinked interests, process painting, puzzles, px!, rainsounds, rapture, revelation, ritual sex, rituals, riven, rpgs, sacred sexuality, sacred sluts, sapiosexuality, sewing, sex magick, sinnish, sleep, smoochies, snuggles, soapmaking, society for creative anachronism, steampunk, storytelling, the stone, tiedye, tom smith online, uru, vaxjedi, violet crumbles, warm blankies, wave sounds, wikkity jones, xxxenophile
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