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Childbirth Education & Adult Ed classes in Mountlake Terrace, for the interested, please do pass along to others:

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Asking $175- that includes priority shipping and delivery confirmation in North America, please add $10 for shipping outside North America

You get all the imps and bottles, and the containers, too. If it gets sold today before 5pm Pacific, it'll go in the mail today! Otherwise, it'll have to wait until next week.
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Missed yesterday, so here's two at once:

Day 02 – Your first love
Nnngghhh. They ask the hard questions right off, don't they? Some of my memories of those years when most girls are first Discovering Boys are pretty hazy, although I can put together names, and sometimes faces.

Nathan was probably the first, and almost the First, but for some umm...technical difficulties. The First, well, hindsight being what it is, 'love' and 'fear' can look a whole lot alike. I've sometimes wondered if that's part of what built my free-spirit sexuality, that the first time wasn't what it was supposed to be. Dunno. I can distinctly remember, sometime pre-Tiff- so 15, 16 maybe, me saying to mom "Sex is just this thing, there's no big deal about it!" and being told "If you really think that, there's something wrong with you!"

Lots of names. I loved as much then as I do now, with much less pleasant results. Rob and Jeffrey accepted my sexuality as part of me, although for Rob it was an intensity he couldn't handle. Rich loved me, and figured he could 'tame' me...but what he needed was a *family*, so his girlfreind, me, came in second place.

Cosmic 2x4 ZOMG LOVE? Wolf. Absolutely my Wolf. 20+ years later and it still hits as hard as it did day 1. Blessing and Curse.

First girl I loved was Nicole. I was 20. Scared off by the Wasband. As was the second and third. The forth messed with my heart and my mind. Prob'ly why I only fall in love with girls who live hundreds of miles away form me now. Even though it makes me sad.

Day 03 – Your parents
I have lucked out int he Parent category, mine are pretty darn nifty,and both fairly young, Mom was born in 51 and dad 52. Dad grew up in rural farmland Oregon, Mom's family were loggers in Montana. How they escaped conservatism is something of a generational miracle.

My voraciousness for books is my dad's fault. I can remember him reading Song of Hiawatha and Fellowship of the Ring to me when I was little. When I moved out, we had to go through the huge bookshelf in the garage for which books I got to take with. If Dad had been born 20 years later, he would be a geek like the rest of us. He was majoring in physics in college, before I came along. From dad comes my ability to use power tools without flinching, a sometimes sneaky and unexpected wit, and a refusal to be come a cynic, no matter what.

From mom comes my rock gathering, my ability to look at a geologic feature and go "ooooooooh", and my fascination with digging up old things. Mom's passion has always been for anthropology and archaeology, although her life took her into Early Childhood Education instead. (Tangent, I expect this may be why my talking about following my Calling ocassionaly meets with resistance).

Mom and I are a lot alike, which for a while was about as ugly as it can get, not at all helped by my slow descent into darkness with the Wasband. My indignation at percieved injustice, my sometimes too-short fuse, and my fierce protectiveness of loved ones comes from her. Some of my less admirable traits come from her too, but I'm working on those.

As does some of my more woo-woo facets, although she's just recently admitted to hers.

They raised me, my sister and my son. And thery're mostly just like anyone elses parents- not perfect, but they did what they could with what they had. And in my case, they had a mess to deal with from about age 14 on. o.O
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Since I was gently reminded that I haven't poasted here in FOREVER, I figured a nice long meme was the way to start.

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Day 1: Introduce yourself

*wave* Umm... Eleri. C. Eleri Hamilton on FB. Married to the inimitable [livejournal.com profile] vaxjedi, been with him since 99. I have three kids, 7 budgies, 6 cats, 1 local boyfreind, lots of sweeties of various iterations and a Brit schoolboy. I'm one of those bi-poly-pagan-gamer-nerd girls. Just a couple years shy of my 4th decade, I am mentally stuck in my mid 20s :)

I teach childbirth education classes, and am an emerging Personal Mentor- something like Pastoral care, without being a pastor :)

I hang out in SL as Eleri Ethaniel, where I breed turtles and build stuff.

I paint, I do digital art, I make beaded jewelry. I work with Labyrinths a whole lot. I have 4 tattoos.

My two daughters have a unique variant of a rare genetic disorder known as Smith Magenis Syndrome. It makes life interesting, often in the Chinese sense.
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Heyo, all. Just a quick summary report on the Mousie. She'd been fighting an ear infection since early May, and was still struggling after 2 rounds of basic antibiotic. On MOnday she had a swolen, stiff neck, so we headed to the ER.

They did a CT scan, found abscessing, and did surgery to clean it out and put in a drain. However, over the last couple days, her fever isn't responding like they'd hope- so they went in for another CT and more surgery.

The Dr's are worried that they aren't finding what they should be (puss and dead tissue) with her fever still high (it keeps spiking up to 104), so they put in a second drain to try and get more air in-gunk out.

We're betting right now that she won't be out before the weekend. We're at Seattle Children's, G-3008 if people want to send her cards. She loves mail :)


Apr. 28th, 2010 06:26 pm
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I am hanging out the Help The Hamiltons banner again for some very specific things we need to have before June/July:

Cabinet knobs and locks
Doors (3)
Professional carpet cleaning
Drywall repair
Kitchen gate or sliding door of some sort

The vast majority of these can be had at Lowes or Home Depot, so gift cards for there are the best answer. I'm also keeping a close eye on freecycle. We have a large amount of repair and remodeling that needs to be done soon. Some of the agency people want Miri home by the beginning of the school year (so they don't have to pay for her, that's the only reason, rant for later) and the more we get done, the less likely there is to be mayhem.

There is also a non-zero chance that I may be able to get a large, insulated and wired outbuilding for our backyard for free, if I can figure out how to get it moved. I'm really hoping, cause it could end up saving us money by winter, yay!
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Michael Emmerson... Cake... I'll be in my bunk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hILqMGb2u2


Mar. 17th, 2010 02:10 pm
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I won a free tshirt. Now, I have to actually pick out said tshirt... out of 40+ PAGES...

I have narrowed it down by just looking at the plus sizes. That was still over 5000 things o.O

Team Jacob

Mr. Clucks

Not a Zombie

Better Powers

Time Traveling Island

Just Progress

Hurley Recap


WAUGH! Too Many

[Poll #1539381]
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FIRST, I want to immediately make clear this is NOT a rant about the quoted person's experience or choices. This is, however, about how something they said is highly representative of a very BIG issue in childbirth.

For those not in the know, an Epidural is a form of anethesia where a tube delivering anesthetic medication is inserted by needle into the epidural space of the spinal column.

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Augh! Someone help me write a nice, professional looking PR for my Spokane class?? I utterly SUCK at self-promotion. I need a publicist, I swear.
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Todays pre-LOST question... Where was Sawyer during Sundown???

Also, expecting a visit from said fickle bitch tonight... o.O
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The one at the Applebee's was the last straw, really. I suppose if I lived somewhere more rural, I'd have grown immune to the things, but here I was in Urban City Central...and there was yet another truck with those gawdawful plastic testicles hanging off the hitch.

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Mar. 2nd, 2010 07:41 pm
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I'm in the latest D'ni Voice:

Eleri Ethaniel
Contest ends March 22

From Eleri’s note:
“In a fit of self-confidence (don’t blink, you might miss it!) I entered a monthly modeling contest.  Results are based on a formula of how many votes, and how much L was spent with each vote.  Anyhoo, drop by and check it out, and drop me a vote if you think I’m not bad :) Feel free to pass this along- just no campaigning on site :)         Eleri”

Go check out our supermodel, Eleri and vote for her!

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As a for-profit business (really, I swear I'll make money off of this someday)... if I feel that a certain clinetele should receive classes free of charge, is it possible to find grants/supportive finding for those classes?
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Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

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