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Working my ass off on www.unwrittenrpg.com Is a good thing, but slogging though artists is a bit mind numbing. Especially On A Budget. And after seeing several rants of the "If you are undercharging (acccording to *my* criteria!) for your art, you SUCK" variety, I'm sore tempted to go find the talented undercharging artists and hire them. I hate it when people make personal judgements based on someone's price tag.

Got and unexpectedly snarky message from someone I dated previously. Bemused me.

Sometimes have this vague wish that someone would be interested in me enough to want to 'woo' me... because this 'lets check our google cal' method of 'dating' kinda sucks.

I have pseudoadult children. Why should I need house elves? Because getting said pseudoadults to do anything involves me having to use up spoons I don't feel like spending.

Body is not impressed with the advent of Rainy Season... which will last until about June.

Vaguely irritated at how much I don't fit in to most of the social groups around me. Not crunchy organic enough for those people, not queer enough for those, not socially concious/activist enough for those, not enough of a gamer there, or a programmer there, or a writer, or an artist, or or or... Sucks.

Date: 2013-09-23 05:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nightshade1972.livejournal.com
I have the opposite problem with my crafts--strangers accuse me of overcharging, while friends/relatives happily pay what I ask. It may seem like $45 for a tissue box cover is excessive, but to really simplify things, assume minimum wage is $5/hr. It takes me well more than 9 hours to complete a tissue box cover, from the time I cut out the plastic canvas and assemble the yarns, to the time the project is completely finished and the last stitch is sewn.

I imagine there's at least the possibility that for some of the groups which interest you, "too female" might be an element of why you don't fit in, especially in the gamer/programmer crowd.


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