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It is cold and rainy out, so the Katten Hoard is all inside, there's Widget & Boagshi on the futon, Tweedle Dun is under the Christmas tree and Tweedle Dee has userped Creamsicle's spot on top of the bird cage- so he's lounging under the cat tree. Dee used to sleep on the cat tree, until she discovered she couldn't sprawl, or she'd fall off. (How did the bitty Tweedles become the biggest cats in the house?!) Bahro Flupp is flupped on a piece of newspaper, Teram is wedged between a pillow and some laundry in our room, and Yeesha Beast has taken to sleeping on Mousie's bed at night.

My heart has not adjusted to losing Dimo the Jagerkitten yet. I keep expecting to wake up to him sitting by my face, or making little meeping noises for Tasty Measts! when I am cooking.

Pookie is moving out, over to Port Orchard... she's not taking Creamsicle with her, because he would have to become an indoor cat (coyotes), and that would be rough on him, since he's the I LOVE WATER YAY IT IS RAINING YAY A HOSE YAY A SPRINKLER (but ZOMGNOBATH!) cat. Tiffer is down at his grandparents. I suspect he is going to stay down there for a while. Probably better for him if he did move back down there, although my mom drives him batty after a while.

Ooof. Now the Creamsicle is on my lap (well, draped up over my shoulder). This is a get into bed mom hint. I should take it, since it is 3 am...

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